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Stefan Schmid
Senior Corporate Manager

InsurLab Academy

Certificate Program

InsurLab Academy

The InsurLab Academy offers certified training programs to all employees and managers from companies in the insurance industry, executed by the InsurLab Germany and the University of Cologne Business School. The Digital Insurance Transformation program forms the basis of the InsurLab Academy, with individual in-depth seminars supplementing the program.

Certificate Program: Digital Insurance Transformation

The program is aimed at employees and managers who are currently or will soon be making an active contribution to digital transformation in their companies.

Participants receive a broad overview of the transformation happening in the market, get to know selected startups and deepen what they have learned through discussion and exercises along the six modules. They also gain access to a network of peers and experts.

In-depth seminars

To deepen the knowledge along individual modules, the InsurLab Academy will also offer certified in-depth seminars lasting several days in the future, e.g. on the topic of innovation management.

Certificate Program Digital Insurance Transformation - Overview

Module 1: Digital Business Strategy
  • Digital transformation strategy
  • Disruptive Business Models
  • Develop & sustainably establish business models





  • Duration: 2 days
Module 2: Digital Innovation & Change
  • Approaches to Innovation Management
  • Disruptive Innovations & Design Thinking Workshop
  • Management of (cultural) change processes



  • Duration: 2 days
Module 3: Lean & Agile Management
  • Agile work
  • Scrum & Lean Management
  • New way of working / Workplace concepts






  • Duration: 2 days
Module 4: Technology Trends & InsurTechs

Key technologies such as:

  • Block Chain & Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data & Internet of Things
  • Insurtech business models




  • Duration: 2 days
Module 5: Customer Experience in a digital world
  • Digital Customer Journey
  • Multiple Customer Touchpoints / Omnichannel
  • Social Media and Influencer Marketing
  • Workshop: Storytelling for insurances



  • Duration: 2 days
Module 6: Leading Digital Business Transformation
  • Entrepreneurship as a Mindset
  • Leadersip of virtual teams
  • Digitalization as an ethical challenge





  • Duration: 2 days

Dates - Class 3

  • Module 1: Digital Business Strategy:
    22. – 23.02.2022
  • Module 2: Digital Innovation & Change:
    05. – 06.04.2022
  • Module 3: Lean & Agile Management:
    27. -28.04.2022
  • Module 4: Technology Trends & InsurTechs:
    14. – 15.06.2022
  • Module 5: Customer Experience in a digital worldg:
    12. -13.07.2022
  • Module 6: Leading Digital Business Transformation:
    23. – 24.08.2022

Dates - Class 4

  • Module 1: Digital Business Strategy:
    16. – 17.05.2022
  • Module 2: Digital Innovation & Change:
    20. – 21.06.2022
  • Module 3: Lean & Agile Management:
    11. -12.08.2022
  • Module 4: Technology Trends & InsurTechs:
    13. – 14.09.2022
  • Module 5: Customer Experience in a digital worldg:
    18. -19.10.2022
  • Module 6: Leading Digital Business Transformation:
    22. – 23.11.2022

Impressions of our program participants

Klaus Frankenberger
"The previous barriers to entry into the insurance industry will not always persist. What we need to build in the context of our legacy is harder for us than for new players from outside. That's why we have to start now or increase the pace, otherwise someone who can meet current customer needs more effectively and efficiently will come along, this becomes particularly clear in the program. [...] Overall, a very successful combination of speakers and user orientation."
Tanja Schilling
AOK Nord-West
"An important learning from the Academy is to be open: You have to share knowledge in order to move forward - as a person and as a company. [...] In the InsurLab Academy we worked very actively and saw how to generate great results quickly. I would definitely recommend the program to others because I find the approaches regarding the content and also the exchange with, for example, the startups very valuable."
Marco Gottschling
"All employees who want to drive change and innovation in insurance should participate! [...] InsurLab Academy brings strong networking and a lot of digital transformation expertise to our industry as a concentrated program - from business model development to leadership issues."

Program agenda and transformation

The Digital Insurance Transformation Program provides participants with the skills and perspectives they need to shape the transformation of the insurance industry.

During the program, there is an intensive exchange between the participants, which is also continued after the program in the InsurLab Academy Alumni Network. For this purpose, participants exchange ideas once per quarter and get together at the annual alumni meeting, all in the spirit of permanent and agile development in the New Work.

If a participant is unable to take part in a module, they can make up for it at a later date so that all areas of the Digital Transformation Program are completed.

The structure of the program begins in the technical core of the company (digital business strategies) and develops via Innovation & Change to agile working methods in the sense of New Work. In the following, technology is the basis for the future of the customer experience. Finally, the topics of entrepreneurship and digital mindset are considered from the leadership perspective for digital transformation.

In-depth seminars

Innovation Management ISO 56002

The 5-day in-depth seminar on innovation management is currently being planned. Further information will follow shortly.

Cooperation partner University of Cologne Business School

The University of Cologne Business School coordinates the Digital Insurance Transformation Certificate Program under the direction of Dr. Stephan Anders.
Special focus is placed on the experienced speakers from teaching & practice: The consideration of modules from the perspectives of research and industry enable the discourse on content and implementation that is characteristic of the program.

The speakers often come from the network of InsurLab Germany members and partners, which strengthens the industry network as a whole and promotes the exchange of knowledge.

Key Facts Digital Insurance Transformation Program


12 days in 6 modules over 6 month

each time from 9.00 a.m. till 5 p.m.


12 days of seminars

as an in person event




University of Cologne

Individual modules take place at member companies of the InsurLab Germany (usually in Cologne)

Work experience

Participants should aspire to or hold an active role in digital transformation in insurance companies. Previous participants hold leadership roles (BL, AL, GL), project roles (PO, SM) or are provided for/ located in technical/transformation projects.


Issued by University of Cologne Business School and InsurLab Germany

Seminar fees

7.500 €* (regular)

6.000 € * (InsurLab Member)



You can find the registration form for the program here.


  • Get an overview of the fundamental components of the digital transformation process.
  • Question and expand the technological maturity of your own digital business processes.
  • Identify opportunities and risks of technological trends and receive impulses for implementation in your own insurance company.
  • Expand existing business models with customer-centric approaches.


  • First-hand insights and expert knowledge
  • Interactive presentations, discussions, best practice sharing
  • Networking and exchange opportunities
  • Market trends, case studies and practical reports
  • Simultaneous consideration of technological and business aspects