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Victoria Blechman
Accelerator Manager
+49 221 986 52 920
Carolin Gattermann
Accelerator Manager

Accelerator Program

Batch #20 starting 26 May 2020
InsurLab Germany Accelerator

It’s getting serious…

You are a founder and develop solutions for the insurance industry? Would you like support in setting up your startup from the top management of our member companies and industry experts? Then we have just the right thing for you:


Individual mentoring programmes, access to our broad network, workshops and seminars, workstations on the InsurLab Germany Campus and advertising at international trade fairs and conferences are just a few examples of what you can expect from the InsurLab Germany Accelerator. What counts for us is that you develop new projects, cooperations with our network – your success is our success!

The application phase for our batch #20 is over!

Important dates

Selection Competition
21. & 22. April 2020
The 30 most interesting startups will present themselves to you virtually in short pitches on 21 and 22 April 2020. A jury of experts will decide which startups will be supported in our accelerator program and for whom you would like to assume a mentoring role. On April 21, 2020 slots will take place from 10.00 a.m. - 12.15 p.m. On April 22, 2020 slots will take place from 10.00 a.m. - 12.15 p.m. and 3.00 p.m. - 5.15 p.m.
+49 221 98652920
26. May 2020
At the kick-off event, the participating start-ups get to know their mentors, members of the network and their fellow campaigners better. So nothing stands in the way of successful cooperation. Due to the current exceptional situation, the event will be held remotely.
+49 221 98652920
Demo Day
30. November 2020
At the big Demo Day the participating startups present their results and projects that have been developed within the Accelerator Program.
+49 221 98652920

Program 2020


We help up to 15 startups to enter and scale in the German insurance industry.


The program is aimed at both InsurTechs and startups that can generate added value in the value chain of an insurance company.


The participating startups work closely with the top management of our member companies. They help the founders as mentors and in workshops and trainings.


We offer easy access to business angels and investors in Germany and worldwide.


In the category “Start” the founders receive 3000,- Euro. In addition, no shares are taken by the participating startups. The program is completely free of charge.


We offer exclusive access to our broad network as well as to networking events, conferences and many other industry events.


The startups will use flex-desks and free access to the InsurLab Germany Campus in Cologne.


We offer access to products and services of our member companies (e.g. IBM, Amazon Web Services) worth up to 40.000,- Euro.

Kategorie "Start"

General profile

  • High-potential startups in the process of market/product validation.
  • Must have a prototype or an MVP.
  • Must have a concrete business model.
  • Should not be older than 1 year since founding date.
  • Should be able to sustain operations during the program.
  • Must be interested in the German insurance industry.

Program aim
‘Start’ founders will get support and mentorship to validate a scalable product/service and develop their business model so it allows them to secure their first Proof of Concept (PoC).

Startup location
Should use the InsurLab Germany Campus as their main Location.

Startups must be able to sustain operations for the duration of the program. The applications are open for bootstrapped startups or with financial traction.

Category "Growth"

General profile

  • Expanding startups with at least one product/service on market looking to scale their business.
  • Should have at least one cooperation with an insurer/corporate as proof of market fit.
  • Must have a validated business model.
  • Should be 1-5 years old since founding date.
  • Must have traction record with investors or customers.
  • Must be in the German market or interested in expanding on it.

Program aim
‘Growth’ founders will get support to scale their business through access to highly-relevant insurance companies and partners in Germany, leading to increased revenue and operational growth. The aim is to develop joint projects which will be launched on the market during or at the end of the program.

Startup location
Can be located anywhere but must guarantee on-site participation for workshops and events.

Startups must be able to sustain operations for the duration of the program. The applications are open for bootstrapped startups or with financial traction.

Selection Process

InsurLab Germany Accelerator

The final decision about the participating startups will be made on 21. & 22. of April 2020 during a “Selection Competition”:

  • The Startups present their solutions to the InsurLab Germany members – this year in virtual sessions due to COVID-19
  • They vote for the startups they would like to see in the program.
  • The Goal is to select five startups in each category
  • Five further Startups are selected by a jury of experts

Comments from our network

“The Accelerator Program 2019 has made a decisive contribution to placing the topic of bancassurance and the added value of account data for holistic ‘digital’ consulting based on PSD2 in the insurance industry. Thanks to the close cooperation with our mentors, Deutsche Rück and EY, we were able to develop new product ideas and convince decision-makers in customer workshops of the added value of PSD2. The pension plan, which is automatically calculated on the basis of the client’s salary, or the holistic consulting service based on account data – to name just a few use cases. In short: the Accelerator Program 2019 was a great experience! Thanks to the organizers!”

“The InsurLab has helped us to get a much more direct line to various insurance companies and to inspire more customers with our Dialog Management System. In addition to the exciting projects, mentoring has also helped us in our development”.

“The InsurLab has provided us with many important contacts in the insurance industry. The team is very dedicated and really committed to helping the startups.”

“As a member of InsurLab from its early days, we already had a very good picture of the initiative with the individual programmes and the ambitions of the individual member companies. However, the Growth Accelerator has once again shown a very different perspective on the opportunities between start-up and insurance companies. It is great to see and experience what can be achieved when established companies join forces with young companies. For us, this clearly meant new products, new partnerships and new customers. That’s the way we wanted it!”

“We experienced the Insurlab as the go-to Insurtec accelerator in Germany. The program allowed us to connect to key insurance stakeholders at AXA or DeutscheRück, gain valuable insights and kickoff new AI projects with with insurance groups such as IDEAL, thereby accelerating our traction in the insurance space.”

“For BetterDoc, participation in the InsurLab Accelerator Program 2019 was a complete success. Since then, we have been working together with SCOR on a new product for the insurance industry that will soon go on sale. A cooperation in the field of accident insurance has been initiated with another member of InsurLab – a major insurance group from Cologne – on the basis of which BetterDoc helps accident victims to receive treatment from an optimally qualified physician, thus significantly reducing the follow-up costs for the insurance Company.”

Accelerator Startups 2019

InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: Tiegoo
Batch '19
APP, Platform & Ecosystem - Tiegoo offers a digital health card for pets (including horses) that gives pet owners round-the-clock access to all relevant health and vital data. We integrate a cloud-based ERP software solution that is also available as a mobile unit and provides a direct interface to insurance companies.
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: Strokemark
Batch '19
Stroke recovery platform for patients and doctors, blood pressure, exercises, community. The platform is live. 12,000 users. Great board and support system of executives in Israel.
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: ReFit
Batch '19
ReFit Systems offers the first modular rehabilitation system for individual therapy of patients with movement disorders. Our innovative system can be easily applied to different branches of the health care system and different forms of therapy (inpatient, outpatient and home therapy).
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: Perasoft
Batch '19
Development of actuarial artificial intelligence for property insurance (pricing, reservations, reporting and business intelligence). They use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms within a central machine instead of several simple individual statistical tools.
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: Luminovo
Batch '19
Luminovo develops customized solutions and tools for business customers. As winner of the EXECinsurtech "Insurance Shaper of the Year" award, Luminovo will be a permanent member of the InsurLab Germany Accelerator Program 2019.
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: Docudiet
Batch '19
Docudiet develops an AI-based assistant that helps underwriters of industrial insurers to better evaluate premiums by visualizing existing market knowledge.
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: AIMO
AIMO Technologies
Batch '19
Digitalized and semi-automated health assessment and simplified sales processes through a 2D motion scan
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: BanksAPI
Batch '19
As a Banking-as-a-Service provider, BanksAPI provides an API that enables end customers to access their accounts, credit cards and securities accounts via the licensees' front end. BanksAPI already has the BaFin license (PSD2) as an account information service (KID) and payment initiation service (ZAD).
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: BetterDoc
Batch '19
With a data-driven approach, we help patients with serious diagnoses to find the best specialists for a 2nd opinion, treatment or operation of their individual health problem. Our physician matching software (in development) will help us to scale and further automate processes.
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup:
Batch '19
We have an intelligent automation solution that turns documents and emails into actionable data that is extracted, classified and validated.
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: Docyet
Batch '19
DOCYET provides automated healthcare services for an improved patient experience and more effective healthcare delivery. Our first product on the market is a hybrid telemedicine service that allows patients to be diagnosed by AI and then receive advice over the phone from a real doctor.
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: e-bot7
E-Bot 7
Batch '19
E-bot7 develops and integrates artificial intelligence for your customer service. Our system analyses incoming messages, forwards them to the right department and provides intelligent answers to the employees in the operative business.
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: Future of Voice
Future of Voice
Batch '19
Supporting companies in building innovative and first-class automated dialogues for voice and chat offers.
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: Kauz
Batch '19
We are a startup from Düsseldorf-Bilk with the goal of developing the best German-language chat offers with real language understanding. We achieve this through a comprehensive ontology, deep semantic analysis and self-developed tools. Give your customers the opportunity to easily communicate with you via chat, change their data, report damage and take out simple insurance policies.
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: Nect
Batch '19
Nect is the first company to publish the new self-service future of identity verification in Germany. Identity verification is performed with the help of artificial intelligence via a simple selfie and a video recording of the ID document - legally compliant and available at any time.
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: PBM
Personal Business Machine
Batch '19
PBM AG personalizes the entire customer journey. Our unique platform is able to personalize any media format for any channel via a powerful business engine. This capability is unique in the market and surpasses the competition by the perfection of the experience created.

Accelerator Startups 2018

InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: Kasko
Batch '18
KASKO offers an integrated, modular insurance platform that enables insurers to create, introduce, operate and continuously optimise digital insurance products in every distribution channel quickly, cost-effectively and flexibly.
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: Motion-S
Batch '18
Its device-independent telematics platform processes travel data both in real time and subsequently using existing data records and links mobility profiles of individual drivers with their smartphones.
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: Polywizz
Batch '18
PolyWizz has developed an end-to-end solution that automatically creates and analyses customer insurance profiles after customer approval.
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: Rightindem
Batch '18
AI, Digital & Self-Service Claims in one: RightIndem helps insurers deliver the claims service customers expect today.
InsurLab Germany Accelerator Startup: Stilfresh
Batch '18
StilFresh redefines the future of debt collection in transport insurance. Within the Accelerator, they developed OPTIMIZ, a StilFresh spin-off, with the goal of building a digital ecosystem for the transport and cargo insurance industry.