AI company Zelros: More quotes and better customer experiences through the integration with Microsoft Power Platform

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Blogposts | 0 comments

Zelros, an international InsurTech company, has developed an SaaS solution based on artificial intelligence. Using Zelros, insurers can offer a seamless and personalized experience along the entire customer journey – from product or service selling and underwriting to customer service.

To further simplify outbound sales management, Zelros has integrated its AI into the Microsoft PowerApps Platform. The challenge was to make it easier for insurance agents to engage with existing insurance customers as well as potential new ones. In addition, the AI helps insurance advisors recommend insurance products to clients that are tailored to their needs and simplifies the appointment management for them.

Zelros’ artificial intelligence analyzes customer profiles during the prospecting process, collects the data and pre-sorts it. Various criteria are taken into account in the process. Among other things, the AI’s decision takes the degree of product appentency, life events, and availability forecasts into account. This supports the agents in precisely addressing and reaching their target groups (prospecting/targeting). The digital customer file made available to them in the process contains all essential information as well as the latest interactions. At the same time, a virtual assistant based on Zelros’ artificial intelligence is active, providing advisors with information about customers’ preferences for different products. Likewise, the assistant provides advisors with compelling selling points. The artificial intelligence analyzes the conversation in real time, identifying important moments in the customer’s life and making a recommendation about the most suitable insurance product based on this.

By developing Zelros’ artificial intelligence as a Microsoft PowerApps solution, advisors are able to improve their operational and commercial efficiency while remaining in their familiar working environment, i.e. Microsoft Teams. The integration of Zelros into Microsoft Teams thus results in better lead management as well as greater customer satisfaction because the interaction with the advisor is much smoother.

About Zelros

Zelros is an international IT company headquartered in France and provider of artificial intelligence-based B2B software specifically for insurance companies. The software solution, Zelros for Distribution, continuously trains itself through machine learning and enables insurance companies to improve their distribution and customer journey. Through Zelros, insurers can offer a seamless and personalized customer experience. This includes insurance underwriting as well as service to existing customers. Zelros’ services are used by well-known international insurance companies, including Groupama, MAIF, La Banque Postale, Groupe BPCE, Assurone, +Simple. More information can be found here.