Campus Story- +Simple

by | Jan 23, 2020 | Blogposts | 0 comments

Another member of our campus is +Simple. The startup moved to our campus in October 2019 and has a FIXDESK workstation here. Germain Gramaize tells us in an interview who +Simple is and what they do.

Founded 2015 in France, +Simple is an Insurtech scale-up specialized in insurance distribution to professionals and small businesses. With €12m raised and 30.000 customers in its home market, it is now expanding to Germany with a first platform launched in September 2019.

What does +Simple do? What is your focus?
Germain: SMEs and independent workers have a hard time with professional insurance. Existing insurance players struggle with small businesses, because their policy administration costs are high. +Simple revolutionizes insurance for SMEs.
Small professionals can be approached as their trades (bakers, taxi drivers, lawyers). We provide a white-label platform for conversion and administration, offering low expense ratio and excellent customer experience. This allows existing actors to grow their books on the lower segments or focus on new target groups.
What do you offer your target group?
Germain: +Simple is the tech solution the industry needs to address their small commercial insurance.  On our platform, our partners can cross-sell their clients and transfer books with high expense ratios. We allow them to leverage their connection to professional associations and affinity partnerships to reduce the acquisition costs.
What is it like to interact on the German market?
Germain: The German market is similar to other mature European markets, with heavy legacy technology systems, distribution organized in silos of products and poor customer experience. Thanks to European regulation, transposing our model has been easy, as we have developed our solution in less than 3 months.
What do you expect from 2020?
Germain: 2019 was about entering the market with a first-of-a-kind platform. 2020 is the year of scaling existing partnerships and developing new ones!

How did you get to InsurLab Campus?
Germain: We’ve been attracted by the InsurLab early while exploring the German market. The variety of events and central positioning in the local insurance ecosystem points it on the map like the perfect place for networking.
What makes the campus “special” for you, what could you “recommend” to others?
Germain: The campus is a melting pot where every type of actor from the insurance industry has something to bring. It’s a crossroads where startups can grow their network and look for opportunities!