Debeka & Nect, a collaboration for better identification in the context of life insurance.

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The collaboration between Nect and Debeka or the Debeka Innovation Center (DICE) had the goal of using a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) of Nect’s SelfieIdent solution to enable Debeka Lebensversicherung to identify recipients of pensions from private pension insurance (including those living abroad) at regular intervals.


The life insurance association requires a so-called proof of life from pension recipients at regular intervals. Normally, pension recipients receive a form that they have to have filled out by a Debeka office or the residents’ registration office after they have presented identification there. Especially for members living abroad, the effort is high. They may even have to visit the respective German embassy for this purpose.


The collaboration came about through DICE head Christoph Surges. CEO and Nect founder Benny Bennet Jürgens and Christoph Surges got talking at several networking events, such as InsurLab Germany events and the “Night of Innovation” at Debeka headquarters. This gave rise to the idea of testing the SelfieIdent process at Debeka as an MVP.


The collaboration was extremely unproblematic and smooth from both sides. Regular digital exchange meetings kept us networked and enabled us to successfully implement and complete the MVP.

“Working with Nect was very professional and without a lot of administrative work.” – Sascha Grabis


With the help of Nect’s SelfieIdent process, around 500 members who had to provide proof of life during the four-month test phase were given an additional option for identifying themselves to Debeka. These members received a QR code by mail, which they could scan and then go through the identification process. Incidentally, the process takes just three minutes, is fully automated and can be completed from the comfort of your smartphone from the comfort of your sofa at home.


After the successful test in the form of an MVP, several other use cases presented themselves at Debeka. However, SelfieIdent has not yet been approved for identification in accordance with the Money Laundering Act, which is why it cannot be used at Debeka at present. If necessary, a renewed cooperation will be examined at a later date.

“The collaboration ran smoothly, we had a top organization together and had fun creating new processes with Debeka. We had very short coordination paths and fixed contact persons, so that we had implemented the project in a very short time.” – Nect