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11. December 2018, 08:15
Altes Pfandhaus
Kartäuserwall 20
50678 Köln

Blockchain Masters

Are we on our way to becoming a blockchain society in which we are connected autonomously with each other and peer2peer with smart contracts? We already asked ourselves this question in December 2017 on the occasion of the Blockchain Premasters. A year later, the media hype has ebbed away somewhat. In return, the concrete added value of the blockchain becomes more and more visible – even if many questions have not yet been answered.

The number of potential and actual blockchain applications is increasing. But many people are not yet familiar with the ongoing hype. There is talk of logistics contracts directly between shipper and carrier. Or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DOOs), within which the electricity generated by members themselves is sold directly to other members. What will the bank or insurance of the future look like if people could exchange payments directly via the blockchain? Or crowdfunding and identity management – the possibilities are huge.

And now it’s time to get down to business: Not only analog applications and services are to be replaced by the blockchain, but also the “recently” created and created platform businesses, when a mediating platform is no longer needed.

Is this a vision or is it already concrete? Where must cuts be made and how is the role of intermediaries to be assessed and above all – will the term “trust” have a different significance in the blockchain society of the future than it does today?

The eco – Verband der Internetwirtschaft e.V. and the German ict + medienakademie – with the kind support of the City of Cologne and the cps.hub nrw, the digital hub cologne, the law firm dwf and the German ICT & Media Institute, IBM and InsurLab Germany – invite you to the Blockchain Masters Cologne 2018 at the Alte Pfandhaus in Cologne on 11 December 2018.