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1. December 2020, 11:00
1. December 2020, 12:00
via Zoom

SAS Insurance Circle

SAS Insurance Circle: Online exchange of experiences for insurance experts

Helping to shape instead of watching:
What role will specialist departments, AI experts and IT play in the data-driven insurance of the future?

At the SAS Insurance Circle, you can expect a practical exchange of experiences about best practices, stumbling blocks and solution approaches with your colleagues from other insurance companies in 60-minute video conferences.

The prerequisite for a consolidated AI strategy is that the transformation to a data-driven insurance company is anchored in the board of directors or management. However, even the best strategy can only be implemented effectively if all levels and processes in the company are consistently geared towards a new and agile way of working together. So what does it take to take AI initiatives from the lighthouse to the broad and consistent application?

How will specialist departments, actuaries, underwriters, AI experts and data scientists and IT work together in future to create comprehensive digital solutions? How will processes and transfer points be designed? How will lighthouse projects become scalable – and how can their use be controlled in practice? And who keeps the interests of a strong sales organisation and its partners in mind? We look at best practices in an organisational context, required competence profiles and the transformation of mindset and role understanding of employees to a data-driven insurance company.


Rolf Mertens, Head of Advanced Analytics, Robotics, ERGO Group AG
Torsten Hecke, Head of Analytics and Insights, Techniker Krankenkasse
Stephan Grabinski, Head of Team BI & Big Data, Techniker Krankenkasse
Harald Goeller, Head of Production Line SAS, W&W Informatik GmbH
Andreas Becks, Head of Customer Advisory Insurance DACH, SAS

You are also welcome to contribute your topics, questions and opinions. This gives you the chance to find out how your colleagues from other insurance companies are meeting the challenges you are currently facing.

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July 2022
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