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24. November 2020, 11:00
24. November 2020, 12:00
via Zoom

SAS Insurance Circle

SAS Insurance Circle: Online exchange of experiences for insurance experts

Off to the “Elastic Cloud”:
Opportunities & challenges for insurers

At the SAS Insurance Circle, you can expect a practical exchange of experiences about best practices, stumbling blocks and approaches to solutions with your colleagues from other insurance companies in 60-minute video conferences.

The Elastic Cloud opens up almost unlimited technical possibilities for companies, but what does this mean in practice for the insurance industry? Insurance companies in particular must first overcome a multitude of regulatory and procedural hurdles before they can actually reap the great benefits of outsourcing to the cloud. In addition, there are all kinds of questions regarding process organisation, responsibilities and professional competence.

Which applications are actually suitable for which cloud model? What does the technical target picture look like – keyword “cloud-native”? How can existing legacy applications be migrated? How do responsibilities and processes change? Which skills are required? What are the organisational, technical and legal risks? We address these aspects in the context of cloud adaptation.

– Manuel Holzhauer, Industry Executive Insurances, Microsoft Germany GmbH
– Jürgen Dick, Lead Partnerbusiness Financial Services, Microsoft Germany GmbH
– Arnd Böken, lawyer and notary, Graf von Westphalen
– Rainer Sternecker, Head of Customer Advisory Cloud DACH, SAS
You are also welcome to contribute your topics, questions and opinions. This gives you the chance to find out how your colleagues from other insurance companies are meeting the challenges you are currently facing.

Event Overview

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SAS Insurance Circle
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