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9. October 2019, 13:00

Webinar: Marketing & Branding by Publicize

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Traditional announcement based PR is broken for startups! In this workshop, Craig, Principal at Publicize, chairman of and tech journalist, who has worked with companies at different stages, from early-stage startups to Microsoft executives, looks at the problems facing startups getting media coverage and offers some tips for how they can catch the right people’s attention.

The first step is to break down misconceptions about the benefits of interacting with the top tier media, before looking at how to best approach PR in a systematic manner which will help meet real business goals over time.  When scaling startups have a clear view of their company’s roadmap, understand what types of stories engage the media, and create interesting narratives about interesting aspects of their company, team, and culture, they can build more sustainable media relations over time.

By following a structured approach at developing their ‘digital footprint’ and engaging with a wide range of media influencers across different channels, ‘big wins’ like coverage on TNW or VentureBeat become more achievable with every step. But startups who aim for the moon without laying the groundwork, are often setting themselves up for a fail.

You will walk away with the following knowledge:

  • What is the real value of being featured on TechCrunch
  • How to match business goals with PR goals
  • How to approach PR as a long term strategy rather than ‘plug and play’
  • How to develop the right narratives which journalists are really interested in
  • How to create a pitch which catches the attention of the press
  • How to build strong relationships with the media
  • How to ‘get past the gatekeepers’ at top tier publications

Webinar Link: