InsurLab Germany publishes Annual Report 2021
Following our Annual Members Meeting on April 27, 2022, we already announced it: Our InsurLab Germany…
freeyou & e-bot7 bring KI to the insurance industry
The success story of a collaboration between freeyou and e-bot7 on the topic: AI in the…
Result of the members’ meeting: board of lnsurLab Germany in new constellation
This year’s ordinary members’ meeting was held yesterday, April 27, and featured an interesting agenda. This…
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Workshop: Money for Nothing workshop by EY


You have a start-up and are trying to find alternative ways to finance the business? Join this unique workshop with EY to explore alternatives for founders looking for capital. The workshop will be held in English.

While risk capital financing activities are showing signs of slowing, the importance of grants and publicly co-financed financial instruments is becoming increasingly important to strengthen the start-up scene and thus innovation in Europe. The European and national financing landscape offers numerous non-cash and repayable financing possibilities to bring start-up ideas to the market, diversified according to sectors, project types/companies or financing purpose. The search for suitable financing in this diversity can not only be a challenge, but also compliance with the eligibility criteria for access to finance.

Niklas Wolf of EY Innovation explains in 7 simple steps how to get from the “idea to grant” while organizing the growth process and establishing the mindsets that encourage the development of concepts into viable business models – the secret of public funding. You have the opportunity to test the eligibility of your business innovation project idea.