freeyou – the digital revolution in the insurance industry: Chatbot Freeda by e-bot7 supports customers with contract questions
freeyou puts an end to complicated insurance information and time-consuming policy processes. Founded in 2018, the…
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2. September 2021


Outdated and altered customer data result in annual sales losses of around six percent across all sectors. In the insurance industry, over 17% of addresses cannot be reached by post. Regardless of whether it's a move, marriage or a change of provider: around 20 percent of your existing customers' contact data changes every year. Thanks to the intelligent use of the Complero platform, customer master data is always up-to-date and can be easily integrated into your existing system within a few weeks. Updating your data with Complero offers you numerous advantages, such as cost reduction through automation and avoidance of potential disruptions, minimisation of mail returns & process costs, improved receivables management and new sales potential through the accessibility of your customers.

Complero was founded in 2017 by Tobias Hamann and Steffen Schneider, who have known each other since childhood and worked together as management consultants. When Tobias Hamann was researching artificial intelligence at the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Kaiserslautern and at Prefecture University in Japan, he and his co-founder Steffen Schneider realised that they could apply artificial intelligence to contact data to detect when it changed. Due to their enthusiasm for technology and entrepreneurship, a platform was created over the course of the last few years on which companies and end customers can exchange their contact data and keep it up-to-date. Complero has since been awarded numerous start-up prizes and EU funding programmes and was already part of the InsurLab Accelerator Batch#20 in 2020.

Complero's proprietary AI technology achieves impressive client results that are proven to be unmatched by any other provider in the market. The technology is ready for use within four weeks of the project start and Complero takes over the complete process and automation. In addition, Complero helps to comply with legal requirements and transforms the data protection compliance effort, for example through current advertising opt-ins, into new entrepreneurial opportunities.

Participation in the InsurLab Accelerator Batch #20 led to contact and a temporary cooperation with R+V Versicherung. Through the successful cooperation, hundreds of data are updated and completed daily in order to maintain personal contact with customers and strengthen customer loyalty. The cooperation so far has improved the quality of the selected data by over 22%. The collaboration has so far provided important insights into both customer reactions and potential benefits. For example, savings can be realised in process costs such as mail returns and research efforts. At the same time, the completion of contact data results in an opportunity to improve service for the insured person in the form of a personal approach by R+V.

Further information on how the automatic updating of contact data relieves employees, reduces costs and at the same time increases the service quality at

Steffen Schneider

Steffen Schneider is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Complero. While studying industrial engineering with computer science at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, he and his student friend Tobias Hamann, who studied computer science with a specialisation in the field of artificial intelligence and smart data, realised that the way we handle our contact data no longer fits into our digital age at all. As an industrial engineer, he is the link between technology and entrepreneurship at Complero. Together with Tobias Hamann, he decided in 2017 to revolutionise the way we deal with contact data.

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freeyou – the digital revolution in the insurance industry: Chatbot Freeda by e-bot7 supports customers with contract questions
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