How the insurance industry can save 26,000,000 minutes a day by using Parloa.

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Blogposts | 0 comments

In the insurance industry alone, an average of 26,000,000 minutes are lost every day by call center agents on repetitive tasks such as routing and customer authentications. That’s 50 years every day (!) that can be automated with today’s technology and by using tools like Parloa. This intelligent automation not only saves insurance customers valuable time in resolving their concerns, but also allows call center agents to focus on the really important, more complex issues instead of spending an average of one-third of their work time on the same tasks over and over again.

Since 2017, machine learning algorithms have been able to understand as many words from humans as humans themselves. Parloa was also founded in exactly the same year. The Berlin-based startup, which was already part of the InsurLab Accelerator in 2019, follows up on this technological breakthrough in so-called Natural Language Processing (NLP) and enables every company in the world to develop intelligent phone- and chatbots.

In doing so, Parloa as a Conversational AI platform demonstrably orchestrates market-leading AI technologies better than any other vendor on the market. The intuitive front-end also makes it extremely easy to operate these technologies. This enables companies to create breakthrough customer experiences on their own in no time! The integration of Parloa into any existing technical infrastructure is very simple thanks to open interfaces – and of course GDPR-compliant!

This means that touch tone IVRs (“Please press “6” to repeat selection”) are finally a thing of the past – for the benefit of happier customers, and happier call center agents! Listen for yourself

As a customer of the first hour, ERGO, automates several telephone hotlines today by using Parloa, also internationally. And as a result of the InsurLab Accelerator Program 2019, VHV Versicherungen and VGH Versicherung also rely on Parloa for customer communication. Founder Malte Kosub comments: “The Accelerator Program from InsurLab was a great platform for us at the right time. We got in touch with important partners and were able to meet new contacts in the insurance industry.”

Learn in this 5-minute pitch by founder Malte Kosub how you can automate your call center with Parloa by using Conversational AI.