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InsurLab Garage

Experimental space, collaboration, innovation

About the InsurLab Garage

Meeting place for innovation, collaboration, experimentation

The InsurLab Garage has been expanding the InsurLab Germany offering since August 2021: The three areas “Rent the Garage”, “Topic Days” and “Factory” offer our members the opportunity to work together and with our network partners, startups and corporates, on common topics and practical projects. The focus is on experimentation and gaining knowledge – in the garage, experiments can be carried out and solutions can be tested. InsurLab Germany supports its members and partners in finding each other and producing results together.


According to this motto, we challenge the insurance industry: Collaborate, network, work together on innovations!


Offers of the InsurLab Garage

Rent the Garage

Rent space & skills for inspiration

The InsurLab Garage is an innovation space on the premises of InsurLab Germany in Cologne. With modern equipment and connection to the InsurLab Germany Campus you have the possibility to create your own topics, projects or offsites in the garage. You are also welcome to draw on the skills of our partners.

Topic Days

Thinking innovation together

Experts and startups provide hands-on impulses. The theme days are organized by InsurLab members and topic groups, but can also be sponsored by external partners with specialist know-how.


Collaborative experimentation

The Factory offers space for the collaborative implementation of ideas, experiments, PoCs, tests & projects. InsurLab Germany provides know-how (network, experts, organization, communication) and inspires with Factory topics. We pay special attention to the Garage as a “safe space” for these projects, because neutrality and legal clarification are very important to us.

Bookable skills and capabilities

More than just a meeting point.

The InsurLab Garage is not only a physical meeting place, but also a place for the transfer of skills, capabilities and know-how that are necessary and helpful for modern work and project implementation. We would like to make particularly active use of this marketplace of skills in the garage!

Does your company have skills that we don’t know about (yet) and should add to the list?

Then get in touch with us at Previous offerings include Design Thinking as a Service, Agile Coaches, Innovation Experts, Law & IP Consulting, Synthetic and Cleaned Data, App Building, UX/UI Experts, Prototyping, Power of Data & Analytics Engineers, API Management, Customer Journey Experts, Hybrid Worksetting, Testing B2B with Insurance & Startups, and Testing B2C.

You can find more information here.

Why we build the Garage

Collaboration - the InsurLab Garage as a bridge to cooperation

Collaboration in the insurance industry is still dominated by the classic relationship of purchasing often technical services, software, and tools. While the interaction is often cooperative and at eye level, the relationship is hierarchical. We at InsurLab Germany believe that cooperation and collaboration in a networked insurance industry will first become a competitive advantage, later an essential component in the exchange between providers. The spectrum of observed cooperations will also increase: Horizontally, we will see more connections between primary insurers who jointly drive efficient solutions on the cost side, for example. Vertically, we will see more collaborations between reinsurers, primary insurers, technology providers (incl. startups) as well as cross-industry partners. Even though we are already seeing this selectively today, it is not yet “normal” and has not yet become part of everyday life or core understanding.

Cooperation and collaboration should be something natural

The InsurLab Garage wants to help close this gap. Cooperation and collaboration should be something natural – something we strive for when it comes to any solution. After all, most things have already been thought about by others. Why not benefit from it? That’s the idea of the Garage and the idea of collaboration!