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Topic Days

Impulses at your fingertips

Topic Days at InsurLab Germany

One day – one topic – impulses at your fingertips

The InsurLab Garage Topic Days combine theory with practice. An innovative topic, which is of interest to the insurance industry, is dealt with by experts from companies and startups during one day. The agenda for this day is determined by the organizers themselves.

The role of InsurLab Germany

We have a unique network consisting of insurance companies as well as leading service providers, universities and InsurTech startups. We support you in finding the right participants from our network for your Topic Day.

The perfect place for innovations?

Innovations can happen anywhere. Therefore, the Topic Days can take place remotely as well as physically at any location, gladly also in the premises of the InsurLab Garage. This is decided by the organizer.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Topic Day Sustainability

An overview of sustainability in the insurance industry. Implementation opportunities along operations, products, investment.

The dominant topic in the press at the moment is sustainability. But the topic is also almost omnipresent in the specialist and management areas of insurance companies. New regulations such as the EU Taxonomy Regulation and the customer’s desire for a sustainable insurer are driving the issue. Investment requirements that have to be implemented at short notice and the lack of conventions and best practices do not make the issue any easier. And: What significance do innovations have in the environment of sustainability?
Reason enough for a symposium on the topic of sustainability. We are looking forward to outstanding speakers and exciting examples as well as approaches to solutions. In addition to insurers, we are also inviting startups and service providers as solution providers. This way, the participants and exhibitors of the Topic Day can exchange ideas and get to know each other during the congress, but also at the expo.


16.02.2021 – Remote “Sustainability Day”

The Agneda for the Sustainability Day consists of:

  • Keynote “Sustainability: Where are we today?” by Daniel Obst, Top 10 Influencer “Sustainability” Linkedin
  • Keynote “Sustainability in Insurance” from an industry representative’s perspective
  • Workshops & Break Outs on:
    • Impact UW,
    • Sustainable Finance,
    • Sustainability Strategy, Management & Governance

06.04.2021 – physical “Sustainability Day”

The Topic Day Sustainability offers all participants an intensive information, exchange and networking platform to deepen the questions, challenges and solutions for this extremely relevant topic in the industry.

The program is aimed at board members who want to take a look at the developments in the industry, departmental executives who want to integrate sustainability into their products and services, innovation and sustainability managers who are working on relevant projects and initiatives on a day-to-day basis.

The program is built on 3 pillars:

  • Relevant congress program with presentations from practice and research
  • Networking of participants and speakers
  • Exchange with and get to know solution providers incl. solution floor (trade fair)

Topic Day Virtual Assistant (Voicebot & Co.)

An overview of Virtual Assistance in the insurance industry – expected to be in early / mid-May 2022

Virtual agents – it sounds like a science fiction movie, a bit like the Matrix or Terminator. Virtual agents or assistants, on the other hand, are very real. They are an essential part of tomorrow’s business organization, which is undergoing massive change against the backdrop of customer demands (24/7 availability) and demographic change (availability of employees) as well as multi-channel requirements. Virtual agents are thus pioneers of digital transformation – and much more broadly applicable than is often perceived.

That’s why we say: GO FOR IT! Take a look at the developments of Voice Bots & Co, which we will present to you at the Topic Day in InsurLab Germany. Our young companies will show what is already possible today – and since we are gathering several providers on site, a discussion with experts from different perspectives is also possible – with technology proponents and experienced, interested and possibly also skeptics. It will be exciting!


Not yet in the InsurLab ecosystem?

We are looking forward to your input! But before you can participate in InsurLab Garage projects and events, you need to become part of our ecosystem.

Become part of our Corporate or Startup Network

The Corporate Network is aimed exclusively at companies older than 10 years and consulting firms that have established innovative solutions or processes in their companies to optimize part of an insurer’s value chain.

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The Startup Network is for all startups that are less than 10 years old, have a standalone solution, and are in one/more areas of the insurance value chain.

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Participation in both networks is free of charge.

Membership: You want to enjoy many more benefits?

If you want to get even more involved and are looking for a constant exchange with our members in order to actively drive the industry forward, a paid membership might be just the right thing for you. This gives you access to the entire range of services offered by InsurLab Germany, which also includes in-depth workshops and projects/topic groups. In addition, as a paying member you can influence the direction and thematic focus of the association with your voting rights in the membership assembley. Startups and scaleups benefit from reduced membership fees.

If you are interested in becoming a paid member of InsurLab Germany, please contact Stefan Schmid (Corporates) or Anna Kessler (Startups).