InsurLab Germany 2019: everything under the sign of network expansion and project development

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InsurLab Germany presented the annual planning for 2019 at an internal annual kick-off event. Having grown into the largest industry initiative for digitizing the German insurance industry last year, the focus in 2019 will be on developing new product formats, promoting collaborative projects and gaining new national and international network partners. New exchange formats as well as Batch #1 of the InsurLab Germany Accelerator Program also promote intensive cooperation between the 71 member companies and innovative start-ups worldwide.
From members for members
“In 2018, we were able to build a strong network of insurance companies, start-ups, universities and colleges as well as leading service providers and technology providers. The active participation of our members is impressive – we naturally want to maintain this high level in 2019 and further expand our offering. With the help of services organized by members for members, we want to further strengthen the existing links between companies in order to work together on current trends and opportunities in digitization. Knowledge sharing, collaborative collaboration – also across industries – and even more intensive collaboration with startups and partners worldwide are the cornerstones of our work in the new year. In addition, further projects are planned for 2019, but we cannot talk about them today,” says Dr. Mathias Bühring-Uhle, CEO of the initiative. The first business roundtables as well as working groups, workshops and formats with talented students have already been scheduled for the coming months. But established events such as InsurTech Week or EXECinsurtech will also be offered again in 2019.
The new year will be dominated by four key themes
With the help of a member survey, four topics were defined, each of which will shape a quarter of the year. These topics are “Customer Journey – Possible Applications of AI”, “eHealth – from Cost Reimburser to Life Companion”, “IoT in Product Development and Damage Prevention” and “Digital Ecosystems and Cooperation Models”. Among others, the so-called innovation workshops – workshops in which selected startups and members of the initiative work on potential project ideas – as well as the InsurLab Germany Club events focus on these topics. The topic-related, cross-industry networking with the other “Digital Hubs” of the BMWi’s de:hub initiative will also play an important role in 2019.
More and more start-ups follow suit
Many insurers and other companies have already joined the initiative. Most recently, InsurLab Germany welcomed AOK NordWest, the first statutory health insurance company among its members. Eurapco, an association of European insurance associations, also joined InsurLab Germany. In addition, more and more start-ups want to actively participate in the development of the initiative and become members. “Startups can, but do not have to, become members in order to work with us and use our services. For this reason, we are all the more pleased if they nevertheless decide to become an official part of the initiative and further develop it with us,” says Sebastian Pitzler, Managing Director of InsurLab Germany. At the turn of the year, InsurLab Germany welcomes five new startups among its members. With Claimsforce, Neodigital, SecuPi, smoope and TensorFlight, the industry initiative now has 71 members.