Cologne, 31th January 2018 – In a very well attended workshop with more than 70 participants, representatives of the member companies discussed the program for 2018 for InsurLab Germany, the platform for the networking of insurance companies and InsurTechstartups in Germany. The main topics for the next months are going to be “Digitization of Customer Communication”, “Artificial Intelligence and Forecasting Algorithms” and “Blockchain / Smart Contracts”. 
The Accelerator program of InsurLab Germany will start in April. The participants are currently selected from the national and international applications received in recent weeks. For 2018 the InsurLab Germany has planned pitch-days, a reverse pitch-day, a big hackathon, innovation workshops on the main topics with member companies and startups, “learning journeys” with board members from the member companies to the most important innovation locations, as well as regular meetupsfor a relaxed exchange between member companies and startups. 
Mathias Bühring-Uhle, Chairman of the Board of InsurLab Germany e.V., also welcomed several new members atthe event. Most recently, Wüstenrot&Württembergische, Deutsche Rückversicherung, the insurance broker Ecclesia, the startupMoneymeets, IBM and Ernst & Young became members ofInsurLab Germany. InsurLab Germany e.V. now has 45 member companies, including 26 insurers. Bühring-Uhle commented: “I am very pleased about the great development − in terms of content as well as ofmembership. This enables us to make a significant contribution to innovation in the insurance industry.”