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18. February 2021

Miss Moneypenny and R+V: A symbiosis of enthusiasm and extensive customer interactions

The collaboration between startups and corporations is incredibly exciting. Small, agile and flexible meets large, complex and regulated. A rollercoaster ride through different worlds with different products and constant tingling in the stomach. In order to steer the highs and lows in a regulated path, a roadmap is necessary. Luckily there is the mentoring program as part of the InsurLab Germany Accelerator!

And there was also a tingling stomach in batch 2020 with us the R+V group and Miss Moneypenny as a startup. The mentoring program has paid off for the second time in a row. In contrast to the famous headquarters of the British secret service (keyword 007), however, a solid liaison has emerged between smart customer interaction and the relevant use case.

A major challenge for us, like many other insurance companies, is to be regularly present at relevant contact points with customers. The annual premium bill, which is often the only customer contact after conclusion of contracts, is not exactly a prime example. So how can an insurance product position itself digitally, personally and always available in everyday life? One solution component for this can be digital wallet passes!

And this is where Miss Moneypenny's range of services comes in. The team has managed to turn a simple insurance card into an exciting customer journey. The medium used is the “digital equivalent of the offline wallet” on the customer's smartphone. The insurance product is thus placed right next to the Visa card for payment or the boarding pass for the next flight. All cards can be viewed in an overview directly in the wallet (iOS) or in Google Pay (Android). If you want to know how this works, you will find many answers in the following video.

In the mentoring program, we looked at the entire customer journey together with Miss Moneypenny and focused on a very specific use case as an example: the new digital vehicle insurance card from R+V Insurance. We have been successfully testing the new interaction medium with around 2,500 users since autumn 2020. Our motor vehicle customers always have the card with the most important information with them, receive relevant information via push notification (e.g. the option to reduce the number of kilometers driven) and in the event of an accident can digitally pass on a damage service card to their party involved in the accident.

A complete success for our users, for R+V and for Miss Moneypenny! The tingling in the stomach has not gone away even after the first six months and we are enthusiastically following the new approach! And by the way, we are already looking forward to the next Accelerator Batch in 2021!

About R+V

R+V Insurance is one of the largest insurers in Germany for private and corporate customers and belongs to the cooperative financial network Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken.

Since the foundation of InsurLab Germany, R+V has been an active member and contributor to the life of the association.

About Miss Moneypenny Technologies

Miss Moneypenny Technologies controls customer journeys on digital wallets. The self-financed startup, founded in 2014, has been profitable from the start and works successfully with corporations from various industries. Miss Moneypenny Tech places its customers' brand in the predestined place for personal, digital values: the mobile wallet. Personalized customer journeys are automatically mapped in mobile wallet passports and help German corporations to bring relevant information into their customers' everyday digital lives.

Thomas Rudolf and Axel Eppenstein

Thomas Rudolf is a startup scout and innovation manager at R+V Insurance. In the department of digital transformation, Thomas has been driving projects with modern technologies from artificial intelligence, distributed ledgers (DLT) to internet of things (IoT) and wallet passes for several years. Axel Eppenstein is a graduate mathematician with a focus on economics. For over 20 years he has worked in various functions at R+V Insurance. As a product developer and controller in private accident insurance, strategy manager in strategic product management in personal insurance and then in corporate development, he acquired knowledge in a wide variety of areas.

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