Setting new standards: Nect and R+V are leading the way with their “selfie-ident” project | Interview

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Pioneering in any field is a notable challenge that many corporates and insurance companies face. Thanks to InsurLab Germany, two of its members met during a networking event and have released an innovative solution in the German insurance landscape. R+V and Nect, a startup from Hamburg, announced the first European project allowing customers to use “Selfie-Ident”, an AI based identification solution to verify their identity to give instant access to the customer portal.
We interviewed Carlo Ulbrich (CO-Founder & CSO of Nect) and Thomas Rudolph (IT-Innovation Manager at R+V) to learn more about the project, its development and added value.
With “Selfie-Ident” you set a new standard on the European insurance market. How did this successful cooperation start?
Carlo: We met at the beginning of the year at the annual general meeting of InsurLab Germany. We happened to eat at the same table and got into conversation after the lectures.
Thomas: Exactly. Carlo introduced me to their product ‘Selfie-Ident’ and it was clear to me that the product would fit perfectly to our R+V customer portal. After the event we headed to the train station together and exchanged contact details and then everything took its course. Just as you would expect from a successful network event.
And how did the project develop?
Carlo: Everything went quite quickly. We were invited by R+V to a workshop where we could present our “Selfie-Ident” solution in detail. Together with the R+V team, we then developed a suitable use case, which we then wanted to put into practice together. In a second workshop, we worked out step by step how we could ideally set up “Selfie-Ident” and implement it at the R+V headquarters in Wiesbaden.
Thomas: We were very enthusiastic about the cooperation – both the work with the teams and the smooth implementation. After all, it is not only an innovative new e-service, but also a state-of-the-art technology application. After we had mastered the first workshops and technical challenges, we tested “Selfie-Ident” and prepared the processes for the live release. After all, we went live with Selfie-Ident on September 22, 2018 and since then the solution can be used by several million customers.
Sounds like a great project phase! What was the secret?
Carlo: R+V is a very open-minded insurance company. There is no comparable product like “Selfie-Ident” on the market. So there are no references that the R+V team could have used for their decision to work with us. But nevertheless, they chose us and trusted in our product and expertise. In my opinion, this mindset is exactly what it takes to work with startups as a corporate and to be part of a digitalized, innovative world.
In addition to the great cooperation, R+V has published self-explanatory videos, board interviews and press releases on the subject, which in turn shows that it wants to position itself as a technology leader in the industry and in our opinion clearly has what it takes. For Nect, the cooperation is the first reference in the insurance industry and thus has a significant influence on the development of our start-up.
What can the customers from R+V experience by using ‘Selfie-Ident’?
Carlo: As soon as a customer decides to register on the portal “mein R+V”, he is asked to identify himself and enter his personal data. Thanks to “Selfie-Ident”, users now only have to make a Selfie video and a video of their ID document with their smartphone. Within seconds, the user’s identity is confirmed as a fully automated process – and when we talk about seconds, we mean seconds. Not only does it save time and effort, it’s also fun, which in turn is associated with insurance and gives the first impression an extra kick.

Thomas: With “Selfie-Ident” we have clearly decided to offer an identification alternative and to give our customers a completely new user experience. Now they can verify their identity securely and quickly in just three minutes. Previously, customers had to register online and wait a few days before they could receive an activation code by mail and use the code to activate their account. This completely analogue authentication process was no longer acceptable to us and, above all, did not meet the expectations of today’s digital-oriented customers.
Where do you see Nect’s “Selfie-Ident” in the near future?
Thomas: “Selfie-Ident” offers a completely new, user-friendly and digital standard for customer identification within the German insurance industry. We are convinced of the product and confident that our customers and other insurers will be too. We will hear more about it soon.
Carlo: We are very proud and grateful for the cooperation with R+V and look forward to continuing to approach and implement use cases together with insurers. Who knows what the future and the following networking opportunities of InsurLab Germany will bring for us.

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