White paper “Optimal Patient Journey”

Data has always been a fundamental asset in the insurance industry, and now its consistent aggregation, analysis and interpretation can provide further important, strategic competitive advantages. However, the true value of insurance-related data can only be realized when it is shared in a standardized, open and customer-focused manner: Open Insurance.

As InsurLab Germany’s white paper, produced in collaboration with various member companies, shows, Open Insurance should be viewed primarily as an opportunity. The document is based on the findings of the Topic Group Open Insurance, which was founded in April 2021. It highlights the current state of development and dissemination of the topic of the same name, identifies key framework conditions and change drivers, and provides recommendations for action for the industry. In addition, it focuses on four concrete use cases, which are elaborated in detail with regard to their potential and their contribution to value creation.

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Whitepaper Open Insurance

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