The all-round benefits package: bendesk makes HR hearts beat faster

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Blogposts | 0 comments

The origins of tridion benefits GmbH and its platform “bendesk” go back several years. At that time, founder and CEO Achim Trude built up the company “tridion Asset Management”, which focused on the sale of various insurance products. Over the course of time, the subject of corporate pension schemes gained importance, as Achim’s expertise in this popular but complex topic was particularly in demand. With his success, not only his tasks, but also his team grew, which supported him mainly in the day-to-day business.

The idea of our product “bendesk” was born out of the company culture, which was strongly employee-oriented from the very beginning. Achim and his team realised that a good salary alone wasn’t enough to bind employees to a company in the long term. Driven by respect, tolerance and empathy, everyone at today’s tridion benefits GmbH contributes their share to the company’s success. Thanks to this appreciation, all employees work agilely and efficiently in a flexible and digital working environment. So why not develop a product that conveys precisely these values? The business model thus emerges from intrinsic motivation. The well-founded knowledge about the mediation of insurances is transferred to the process of mediating other corporate benefits, such as company bicycles, meal allowances or sabbatical solutions. A study by the management consultancy firm Korn Ferry Hay Group confirms that 70% of employees now feel more closely tied to the company through benefits. These even pay off significantly in terms of employee commitment. That is why we support companies today not only in matters of corporate pension schemes, but also in the legally compliant implementation and maintenance of all corporate benefits within a company. This should not only relieve HR departments, but at the same time strengthen employer branding and consequently make employees more satisfied.

Today we are a team of 20 employees, working on the further development of bendesk. The innovative solution of an intuitive and digital SaaS platform will soon be made available to around 10,000 employees of our customers. With bendesk, HR departments not only have the possibility to manage all benefit and contract information, but can also choose the benefits that fit their corporate culture. In addition, we as a company offer webinars to explain more complex benefits, such as the corporate pension scheme. This helps to position the employer branding in an attractive way. Employees not only feel understood and valued through the individual integration of benefits, but for them the platform offers an overview of all the benefits available to them and the associated savings.

According to the principle “people over process”, we were also able to counteract the consequences of the Corona pandemic through quick adjustment methods and continue to expand our team even in these challenging times. Even with rapid growth, our priority is always to maintain a sustainable, employee-oriented culture and not to deviate from our own values. With our corporate values always in mind, tridion benefits GmbH is pursuing the goal of becoming the leading mediator of corporate benefits throughout Europe. The values lived by tridion benefits GmbH are transferred to our customers by the product “bendesk”.