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Last December, a group of 30 participating InsurLab Germany members travelled from all over Germany to explore the insurance side of Berlin. Without disappointment, every participant had the chance to discover, explore, challenge ideas, and even go to the Christmas markets to feel spirit of the season. Nia Escobar, our Startup Community Manager, sums up the day for us and tells us more about the startups the participants got to meet.

Starting Monday the 3rd of December, a delegation comprised of insurers, consultants, university representatives and startups woke up early to meet our team at Amazon Web Services. The morning session included an insightful presentation of AWS with their current developments and technology trends in the insurance space in Germany. We also met the following startups:

  • Future of voice: Future of Voice is Germany’s leading startup for the development of voice applications on language assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant in the forefront voice interface market.
  • NEM: NEM’s blockchain platform was designed and coded from the ground up for scale and speed. The NEM Foundation is endorsed by an international network, compiled of a wealth of experience in IT, entrepreneurship, business processes, trading, property and asset development, international management and academia.

After lunch, we visited the exciting offices of Rheingau Founders and met Johann Reich, partner of the company. Located in Kreuzberg, the venture capital fund and company builder presented five of their ventures and explained the complex process behind being one of the most influential company builders in Berlin. See the startups below:

  • Lindera: Our mobility test helps seniors to lead a longer and more self-sufficient life, supports care professionals and reduces fall related costs. Lindera is first in digitizing geriatrics to prevent falls and connect the care team utilizing data science. We infer the 3D picture of the gait via a regular smartphone camera – patent pending. We derive physical risk factors and living conditions from a psycho-social test.
  • Mieterengel: MieterEngel revolutionizes the way tenants solve rental problems online. MieterEngel insures club members and helps them to live carefree. Renters receive solutions from the comfort zone of their couch – legally and affordably. Automated processes will soon enable partner lawyers to answer questions in real time.
  • Medlanes: Medlanes brings medicine online, building the first contact point to healthcare on the internet. 
We offer mobile and online consultations by combining the convenience of the Internet with the quality and reliability of a doctor’s visit.
  • Humanoo: HUMANOO is a digital health platform for employees and policyholders. We help our users boost their mental and physical wellbeing. As a digital companion for health, fitness and wellbeing, HUMANOO guides users on their path to a healthier life. For the first time, businesses and insurance companies can understand their employees’ and policyholders’ health through comprehensive decentralized reports and make their corporate health schemes.
  • Optiopay: OptioPay is an online payment platform which increases payments by offering higher-value gift cards as a payment method. Empower recipients by allowing them to convert payments into higher value gift cards with market leading merchants.

After exploring their portfolio, we also met Chris, the digital assistant for drivers from German Autolabs. Chris is a a language-based platform open to insurers in every car, which was featured recently as one of the best startups to see at CES in the United States.
The next stop included a minimal space, creative thinking, and corporate development at AKQA. Known worldwide for their imaginative application of art and science, the creative agency guided us through a couple of their corporate projects and how they work with corporates worldwide to innovate around customer needs and business KPI’s.

Tuesday, 4th of December
On the second day of the Innovation Journey in Berlin, our members started the day visiting the new offices of Omni:us, a Berlin-based insurtech startup working with artificial intelligence to personalize customer experiences by exploring the full potential od real-time data. We also met the following startups:

  • Botconnect: botconnect enables service reps to perform cross- and upsell in every interaction. We solve critical business challenges with a combination of AI and conversational user interfaces. Our customers are large enterprises, which are data driven and customer centric.
  • Vivy: With its holistic approach, the Vivy app empowers users and transforms them from being passive patients to proactive individuals who are in charge of their own health. Within a single, integrated application, Vivy is the one place for users to consolidate medical documents and health data, adhering to the highest standards of data protection and encryption technology.

After lunch, the delegation headed to Görlitzer Park to Factory, where we met Next Big Thing as part of our De:Hub initiative. The IoT and blockchain company builder shared with the members the activities the hub is developing and how their ventures are disrupting the insurance industry. Martin Buhl, the chief investment officer, introduced Evertrace, an end-to-end solution for tracking physical assets across globally distributed supply chains, enabling all stakeholders to seamlessly integrate verified data into smart contract based processes.
To finish the two-day journey, the delegation explored the quirky community in the Factory, swam in the famous black ball pit, and then headed out to the next meeting: our partner finleap. Despite the two intense days, our members were eager to understand how the venture builder operates and to talk to ELEMENT, the white label product factory for insurances in Germany. We finished the visit with a tour through their offices. With the end of the program, we could return home. With two days of meeting innovating startups, talking to founders and disruptors, and exploring the insurance side of Berlin, we had a successful Innovation Journey in the German capital and we’re looking forward towards the next one in 2019!