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Topic Groups

Gaining knowledge through exchange of experience

Our Topic Groups address the issues of digital transformation in the insurance industry. Our corporate and startup members work together on innovative ideas, which we structure along the InsurLab Innovation Map. In this way, our projects also strengthen InsuLab Germany as a central point of contact in this process.

Topic Groups

Since 2019, our members have been working together in Topic Groups on the digital challenges facing the industry. The Topic Groups are open to all our member companies and are a platform for the exchange of experience among experts and pursue the goal of gaining knowledge. The following Topic Groups are currently active or in the course of formation (as of April 2021):


  • Automation of claims processing from non-digital input channels
  • IoT applications for tap water (sensor technology, prevention)
  • Fraud prevention
  • Data analytics in life insurance
  • Successfully implementing AI in insurance companies
  • Cloud Push – Implementation and operation of cloud technologies
  • Open Insurance – Open interfaces for beyond insurance use cases
  • Digital commercial insurance 2025 in the ecosystem
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Transformation – New Work
  • Innovation management: methods, experiences, positioning
  • Policyholder management in health insurance
  • Insurance Development Aid by GIZ
  • CO2 neutrality from the insurer’s perspective
  • Well-Being (Health Promotion & Prevention)
  • Digital Ecosystems