Miss Moneypenny and R+V: A symbiosis of enthusiasm and extensive customer interactions
The collaboration between startups and corporations is incredibly exciting. Small, agile and flexible meets large, complex…
crebita credit insurance digital. – The simple way for companies to insure individual risks against bad debt losses.
Even before COVID-19, bad debts were the cause of one in three corporate insolvencies in Germany,…
A new face at InsurLab Germany
With the beginning of 2021, we are delighted to welcome Isabel van Megen as new Campus…
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23. March 2021, 14:00
23. March 2021, 17:00
via Zoom

Topic Groups Townhall Meeting

The agenda is as follows:
– 14:00 Virtual Open Doors & Highlights
– 14:10 Topic Group News: InsurLab Innovation Map, Clusters & Collaboration
– 14:30 New Topic Groups introduce themselves
– 15:00 Update from the Topic Groups: Presentation of results & outlook on activities 2021
– 16:30 Antitrust law: Guard rails and support for cooperation in Topic Groups
– 16:45 Q&A: Questions, suggestions, impulses, open discussion
– 17:00 Farewell