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Our topic groups deal with the challenges and benefits of digital transformation in the insurance industry. Our corporate -, scale-up and start-up members work together hand in hand on innovative ideas and topics that are structured along the insurance value chain. The results of these best practice sharing activities can be white-papers, market studies or the launch of joint projects to implement new ideas.

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Automation of claims processes

Design Thinking

Digital commercial insurance 2025 in the ecosystem

New Work

Innovation Management

Control of policyholders in the health insurance system

Cloud Push

Open Insurance

Sustainability from the insurers’ perspective

Wellbeing – Focus alcohol prevention

AI in insurance companies

Insurance distribution of the future

Marketing and Communication

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Our Topic Groups run all year round and usually only pause briefly during the school vacations in NRW. Therefore, it is possible to join the Topic Groups at any time and exchange experiences with the other members. If you are interested, please contact Sebastian Brück or the InsurLab contact person in your company. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Sebastian Brück

Sebastian Brück

Program Manager