White paper "From traditional to transformative: process efficiency in claims management through innovative approaches"

Whitepaper "Insurance sales in transition: omnichannel strategies, customer experience and digital innovations under the microscope"

How the three D's are reshaping the industry - digitalization, data and demographics

The German insurance industry is on the brink of a decisive change, shaped by the increasing need for transformation as well as the influence of digitalization, data and demographic changes. A white paper published by InsurLab Germany focuses on these driving forces and emphasizes the importance of an improved customer experience as well as emerging trends such as hybrid sales or omni-channel strategies.

Why should you download the white paper?

  • InsurLab Germany's white paper analyses the impact of digitalization, data and demographics on insurance sales and shows how they are transforming the industry.
  • The focus is on adapting sales strategies to the needs of customers and introducing innovative approaches in order to improve the customer experience and make sales more efficient.
  • The publication examines the role of emerging trends such as embedded insurance and the involvement of start-ups and scale-ups in the digital transformation from various perspectives.

Find out more about how digital transformation is redefining the customer experience and sales and download the white paper "Insurance sales in transition: Omni-channel strategies, customer experience and digital innovations under the microscope" now free of charge.

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