Campus life on the Carlswerk in the middle of Cologne-Mülheim.
Roland Schutzbrief has been one of our members for a long time and we are happy to count them among our tenants on the InsurLab Germany Campus since September 2019. In this interview, Anja Öztas introduces ROLAND Schutzbrief and tells us about "life" on the campus.
What does ROLAND stand for in general?
AnjaROLAND stands on the one hand for a company with a long tradition and a great deal of experience in the areas of legal protection, assistance and cover letters. On the other hand, however, it is also a very modern company that constantly adapts its range of products to the needs of its customers. The ROLAND Group, headquartered in Cologne, has around 1,500 employees and gross premium income and sales of over 530 million euros.
What does ROLAND Schutzbrief stand for?
Anja: ROLAND Schutzbrief-Versicherung AG, founded in 1978, offers innovative insurance concepts for immediate help in everyday problem situations. The aim is to organize immediate practical help for the customer through the variable combination of various service modules and to assume the costs for this. ROLAND Schutzbrief - equipped with the latest communications technology and professional know-how - accompanies customers around the clock all over the world. ROLAND statistics show how helpful and important Schutzbrief services are in everyday life: ROLAND Schutzbrief handles more than 74,000 claims a year. On peak days, such as at the beginning of the main travel season, there are up to 500 calls a day.
What does Roland Schutzbrief offer its customers?
Anja: We offer our customers a wide range of optimally coordinated products to safeguard their professional and private mobility. The aim is to enable the customer to be on the move without worries. The customer receives protection and service for travel, health, real estate, Internet and mobility, among other things. In addition to financial assistance in the event of an emergency, the needs-based cover offers also include a wide range of services. The range of services in the areas of mobility, emergency assistance and service logistics goes far beyond the classic car cover. ROLAND Schutzbrief accompanies its customers around the clock all over the world.
That sounds extremely diverse and exciting.What is the composition of your team - which areas do you cover?
Anja: Our team is an interdisciplinary team with colleagues from a wide range of business areas - from product development to controlling. Together, we cover essential parts of the value chain and optimize existing Schutzbrief products or develop entirely new solutions.
How did you come to the InsurLab Campus?
Anja: As a newly established team, we wanted to take on new perspectives and therefore work away from the ROLAND headquarters. Therefore, we moved from Deutz to the Cologne STARTPLATZ for the first time in May 2019. As ROLAND is already cooperating with InsurLab Germany, we decided to move to InsurLab Germany a few months later.
What makes the campus "special" for you, what you could "recommend" to others? What added value can you draw from "campus life"?
AnjaFirst of all, the environment in the Schanzenviertel is just great. InsurLab offers very nice and modern premises with many retreat and meeting possibilities. Another advantage is the proximity to our industry. There are a lot of events in the insurance environment here, and we are also very close to various insurance start-ups. Last but not least, we are away from the usual hustle and bustle at the campus. This is an ideal prerequisite for taking in new perspectives every now and then.