From successful Collaborator alumnus to member - several start-ups have already followed this path in InsurLab Germany. This includes Nuclicore from Frankfurt, which joined our industry initiative at the beginning of the year. In the following exclusive interview, Dr. Eberhard Riesenkampff (Founder & CEO) explains what makes Nuclicore special and what they expect from membership.


Welcome again to InsurLab Germany, dear Eberhard! Nice to have you here. Can you please briefly introduce Nuclicore to us?

Dr. Eberhard Riesenkampff

Dr. Eberhard Riesenkampff, Founder & CEO

Nuclicore is an enterprise no-code platform, which means that companies create complex, customized applications and APIs without programming. What makes Nuclicore special is that we have developed it specifically for complex sectors such as the insurance industry, ensuring that all standards such as compliance are met. Nuclicore can also work with any existing system and applications that communicate with the host system, for example, can be created without much effort.

Examples that we have already implemented include electronic data connections within existing system landscapes, to sales partners or data providers, application routes and underwriting solutions, renewal and claims management systems and also portals for customers or partners.

How did you come to join InsurLab and why did you decide to become a member?

NuclicoreWe were originally founded for the Collaborator Batch 2021 and have stayed in touch ever since. So it was a natural step to become a member. If you're active in the insurance sector, InsurLab is one of the players you can't avoid in Germany.

Of course we love to hear that! Now let's move on to specific content that will certainly shape your membership. What topics and content are important to you? How do you feel about our 2024 focus topics "Generative AI" and "Sustainability / ESG"?

Gen AI and ESG are rightly hot topics not only for insurers, but also for other financial service providers. It is essential that both are used profitably and not just because they are hot topics. With Nuclicore, you can integrate any type of service, so you can very easily create ESG-focused applications that involve external AI players.

Otherwise, technology and New Work are important to us in every form, because these two topics are closely linked and super relevant.

We have a similar view! Which of our activities are you planning to get involved in?

We will not only be on the insureNXT in May 2024, but we will also be involved in the topic groups and topic days. We find hackathons where use cases can be implemented directly particularly exciting. Organize one again, we'll be there!

Well, if that's not a promise! We look forward to working with you in the future, thank you very much for the interview!