Within the framework of the InsurLab Collaborator (formerly Accelerator) was able to Complero gain authentic insights into the processes and challenges of insurance companies and successfully adapt their innovative contact update solution to the needs of the insurance industry.

The beginnings of InsurLab

Steffen Schneider, Founder & CEO of Complero, at insureNXT 2023

Complero has long been an active part of the InsurLab ecosystem. Already in one of the first accelerators Complero The company's vision of a platform that better connects companies with their customers and keeps them in touch even when they move house, change their name or change contact details such as their telephone number or email address. The results of the collaboration speak for themselves: numerous collaborations and an investment quickly emerged.

Successes and awards

The AI-based solution for optimizing and updating customer data convinced the jury of the InsurLab Germany Collaboration Champion Competition (an award that has since been merged into the insureNXT Innovators Award) to recognize Complero's collaboration with R+V Versicherung. The collaboration award is a sign of the innovative strength and added value that Complero also realized for its partners in the insurance sector.

Growth and new partnerships

Since then Complero has expanded its reach and is working successfully with many other companies. These include other members of InsurLab, such as Provinzial, SV SparkassenVersicherung and Telecom. Companies can use the Complero platform to efficiently keep their customer data up to date. At the same time, end customers can also seamlessly share their updated information with various players such as banks, telecommunications companies and insurance companies with just a few clicks. This saves both companies and end customers valuable time and resources.

A holistic approach

Complero is proud to be a pioneer in establishing this holistic approach to a modern contact platform. The solution not only offers cost savings and increased efficiency, but also improved customer service, maximum transparency and security in terms of data protection. The solution is therefore not only a great relief for companies, but also for their end customers.

Complero is therefore a beacon of a successful company from the InsurLab ecosystem - with the prospect of many more successful years of collaboration.