ritzenhoefer & company, one of the leading strategy consultancies in the field of transformation & innovation consulting, is now a member of InsurLab Germany. With flat hierarchies, a young, courageous team and many years of consulting experience, they live top management consulting with a start-up atmosphere: togetherness, trust and appreciation are firmly part of the family culture. More about the background of their membership with us:

Why did you decide to become a member?

At ritzenhoefer & company, we have been living a startup spirit with a "just do it" attitude since our founding in 2011. In concrete terms, this means that all employees are involved in and shape the company's development at all times. It is important to us not to stew in our own juices, but to network in independent communities to identify trends and share knowledge. So it was only a matter of time that we became a member of InsurLab Germany.

Which topics are important to you?

Our insurance clients face unique tasks and major transformations. We tackle all transformation-critical topics, the bigger and more critical the better, from start to finish - that is our core, that is what we have specialized in as management consultants from the very beginning. We get involved in topics such as cooperations, IT migrations, new business models, platforms, product and sales innovations, analytics and AI, automation and self services, IT architecture and IT platform strategy, agilization and organization.

What do the topics of sustainability, business model expansion and digital transformation mean to you?

Digital transformations have always been a core topic, and new business models are part of that for us. We don't just think, we do - and above all, we do it sustainably. We want to make the world a little better in big and small ways, and to do that we pursue a range of ESG initiatives and approaches. In all of these, we believe in the power of combining technology (AI, data), appropriate organizational methods, and smart, motivated people.

In which of our activities do you plan to get involved?

We are curious, unsolved problems motivate us, progress drives us. Therefore, we want to get involved in InsurLab Germany especially in the garage and work with other members on concrete topics and innovations. In addition, we want to contribute our own learnings to the focus groups and learn ourselves.