The Leipzig-based eHealth startup DOCYET participated in the Growth Batch of InsurLab's Accelerator Program the year before last and will now become a permanent member of InsurLab. The young company is developing a digital platform to optimize healthcare and is already working with many health insurers and hospitals.

Why did you decide to become a permanent member now?
After we got to know InsurLab 2 years ago in the Accelerator, we were of course already part of the network as alumni. That means we could participate in events and were regularly provided with information. However, there is a difference between being loosely involved and being permanently involved, e.g. in the topic groups or in the Accelerator. Hence now "the upgrade".

Which topics are important to you?
Definitely cooperation! Just as established corporations ask themselves how they can best work together with young companies to introduce innovative processes or products, we naturally ask ourselves the same questions the other way around. The exchange with other startups but also with insurance companies is therefore super important for us to learn from each other. Our motto is therefore: talk to each other instead of about each other. 😊

We also heard that ecosystems are high on the agenda at InsurLab, and that's where we happen to know something about.

What exactly do ecosystems mean to you?
There are ecosystems such as InsurLab, in which various partners and solutions exchange information in the sense of a network. We want to become a permanent member of this network.
There are also thematic ecosystems, and we are naturally interested in the topic of health! We are particularly interested in the question of how the many (care) offerings and eHealth services from the range of services offered by our insurance partners can be more effectively organized, linked, and individually tailored to patients. Ideally, this should be data-based and "dark-processed," as the saying goes.

In which activities can you be found or do you get involved?
We are already a member of the Topic Group "Versichertensteuerung in der KV" and also head a working group there. In addition, we want to give something back and will also pass on our experience from the healthcare sector to younger startups as mentors.

And if the Corona pandemic allows it again, we are already looking forward to the next club evening. You'll tend to find us there with Kölsch at the bar.