The digital platform of Fjuul helps insurance companies increase their revenues with flexible premium models and new sales concepts. Regular interaction with positive touch points strengthen customer loyalty in the process. Through the preventive approach and the animation of health-conscious behavior, positive influences for the benefit area are achieved in the long term. Driving the offerings is data intelligence that, among other things, translates health and activity data into a science-based score that illustrates and quantifies the degree of personal exercise. This can be used to trigger new business models and create incentives to reward behavior change, for example, or to incorporate dynamic risk assessment and pricing into products. Fjuul is a plug & play solution that can either be integrated into existing customer solutions or put into operation as a co-branded app via a SaaS model without having to spend own IT resources.

Collaboration with SCOR

As a start-up in the Growth category of Accelerator Batch#20, Fjuul has succeeded in launching a new offering in the field of behavioral insurance together with SCOR, laying the foundations for a long-term collaboration. The partnership aims to commercialize and further develop the Biological Age Model (BAM) developed by SCOR. The solution, based on the Fjuul platform, quantifies the impact of physical activity on mortality and morbidity. It thus enables turnkey implementation of activity-based products and easy entry into dynamic pricing and continuous underwriting in life and disability insurance. and disability insurance. Scope:

  • Reduction of mortality rate by 25% in life insurance.
  • Reduce mortality rate by 15 % for health, disability and critical illness.

"The goal was to transfer our project successes with foreign insurance companies to the German market and thus lay the foundation for an active market entry. InsurLab Germany was the catalyst for us to sound out the German market and specifically address product requirements, but also potential barriers. With our mentors and experts from the network, we tailored our offering to this and sharpened and validated our core competence of data-based products."

Sascha Wischek, CEO & Founder of Fjuul

Winning the insureNXT Innovators Award 2022

Fjuul and SCOR winning the insureNXT Innovators Award 2022 together with KLV

Fjuul and SCOR join forces with KLV to win the insureNXT Innovators Award 2022

Achieving more together: Together with Kärtner Landesversicherung, SCOR and Fjuul have won the insureNXT Innovators Award 2022 in the Collaboration category. In the spirit of social and socio-political responsibility, the three partners have developed a life insurance policy with which one becomes a member of the Fitness & Charity Community, which was founded especially for this purpose. There, members collect points for healthy exercise in a fun way. These points are converted into sponsorships for social projects - especially for children and young people - and thus make a contribution to the health of the community.

The technological basis for the new life insurance is the Biological Age Model (BAM) developed by SCOR, which interfaces with the end customer through Fjuul's app.