Already at the beginning of the Accelerator program, R+V's strategic customer data management department was able to identify common usage scenarios and synergies with Complero. The implementation and go-live took place in just a few weeks and has since delivered a lot of updated and completed customer data on a weekly basis.


Due to regular moves, name changes or changes of e-mail addresses, the contact data of R+V customers was outdated. R+V set itself the goal of increasingly switching to digital communication media. There were three difficulties in doing so. First, there were not enough e-mail addresses available. Second, verification of the existing e-mail addresses was sometimes not given. And thirdly, the changes to the GDPR meant that advertising consent was no longer documented in accordance with the new regulation.


The initial contact between R+V and Complero came about at the start of participation in InsurLab in Batch#20. In the course of the accelerator program, various use cases and deployment scenarios were developed together, which then had to be implemented as efficiently as possible in the existing IT landscape. The go-ahead for the collaboration, combined with the first data updates, followed within a few weeks.


The collaboration with R+V Versicherung has been very positive and always solution-oriented. Agility has played a central role in this. Structures and processes were adapted to the objectives at all times. The modern and agile IT structures within R+V Versicherung were particularly beneficial in this regard.


Complero konnte ihre eigens entwickelte künstliche Intelligenz durch eine gemeinsam entwickelte Schnittstelle an das System der R+V anschließen. Dank dieser Integration kann erkannt werden, welche Kontaktdaten veraltet sind. Das selbsterklärende mobil-optimierte Design von Complero ermöglicht es den Kunden, ihre vorliegenden Daten einzusehen und ganz einfach zu ändern. Die Zusammenarbeit hat eine wichtige Erkenntnis gebracht; die Etablierung eines “value-based-approaches“, der sicherstellt, dass R+V-Kunden einen 10-fachen Return on Investment erzielen.

"R+V Versicherung has given us the opportunity to check and update a large number of customer master data. In addition, we were able to improve processes based on customer feedback. It's a win-win situation for R+V, Complero and the end customers." - Steffen Schneider, Co-Founder @Complero


Together, more than 20,000 updates have already been carried out. Together, they strive to provide customers with excellent customer service, to constantly add new features to the product, and to work together to find more ideas and connecting points.
Together with R+V Versicherung, Complero is planning several exciting projects in the future. The topic of chatbots will move into focus, and they also want to automate responses to email bounces and expand their own dashboard access.

„Vollständige und korrekte Kundenstammdaten sind für unseren Geschäftserfolg essentiell. Durch die Kooperation mit Complero konnten wir unsere Datenqualität signifikant verbessern. Und wir haben in einem agilen Umfeld gegenseitig eine Menge gelernt!” - Adrian Ritter, Project Manager Customer Data @R+V