freeyou puts an end to complicated insurance texts and lengthy insurance contracts. Founded in 2018, the startup is revolutionizing the insurance industry with uncomplicated, fast and secure car insurance. In this way, freeyou ensures that its customers remain mobile in their everyday lives - always and everywhere. Flexibility and good customer service are crucial to success in the insurance industry today, as customer expectations have changed significantly in recent years. Availability on all channels around the clock as well as fast, reliable and careful processing are now standard requirements.

In order to also meet customers' changing expectations of customer service in recent years, freeyou was looking for a solution to grow quickly and at the same time relieve its service team by fully automating recurring customer service requests. For the fast-growing Cologne-based insurance start-up, e-bot7's Conversational AI platform was therefore the optimal solution. Since the end of April, the owl Freeda - as a smart chatbot - now supports freeyou's customer service - around the clock, 7 days a week. As customers' preferred channels are different, the e-bot7 Conversational AI platform ensures consistent customer service across all channels, devices or platforms.

Chatbot Freeda is centrally and visibly integrated as a pulsating chat bubble on the freeyou homepage and helps with customer questions about their own car insurance, the contract, with damage reports or also via free text search. The technology behind this is a hybrid system of Agent+AI from e-bot7. If the chatbot does not know an answer, it passes it on to a human colleague. The smart bot is constantly learning as it operates - and is thus able to answer independently the next time a similar question comes up again in the chat.

Dennis Bosser, Product Owner at freeyou explains: "Thanks to the fast onboarding process, it was just under 3 weeks from signing the contract to the go-live of chatbot Freeda. We are super happy about e-bot7's Conversational AI solution and have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers for Freeda so far!"

Last month, around 1100 chats were conducted via Chatbot Freeda. That makes an average of 40 chats per day, with which Chatbot Freeda relieves the freeyou service team and helps customers quickly and efficiently. The current automation level is 98%, which is an enormous success for the young startup after such a short time in operation.

Thanks to a very high degree of automation and the ever-increasing training rate of the smart chatbot, the cooperation between freeyou and e-bot7 is a prime example of how digitization can be successfully implemented in the insurance industry.


About freeyou

freeyou was founded in Cologne in 2018 with the aim of revolutionizing the insurance industry. Currently, freeyou is on the market with a purely digital car insurance. The vision is to free customers from annoying paperwork and incomprehensible insurance gobbledygook and to offer as many processes as possible digitally, automated and at the same time customer-friendly. More information about freeyou is available here.

About e-bot7

With its multilingual NLP algorithm, AI hybrid solution and low implementation effort, e-bot7 is one of the most innovative AI providers worldwide. The solution of the company, which is headquartered in Munich, London, Amsterdam and Paris, automates inquiries and processes in customer service, analyzes incoming messages and supports customer service employees with response suggestions. This reduces average handling time by up to more than 80%. The company works with more than 250+ of the most prestigious international clients and has won more than 20 awards. The founding team consisting of Fabian Beringer, Xaver Lehmann and Maximilian Gerer was named to the Forbes "30 Under 30" list and has scaled the company to 95+ FTEs in just 4 years. More information about e-bot7 is available here.