And again a new member of InsurLab Germany! Complero has recently joined our circle of members. Complero develops AI-based services for up-to-date customer data and improved data quality. In doing so, they not only help business customers to intensify the relationship with their existing customers, but also generate maximum transparency for end consumers.

We recently met Steffen Schneider, Founder of Complero, for an interview. Read more here!

1. can you briefly introduce your company to us?

Complero solves the problem of outdated contact data and helps companies to preserve their data completely for the first time. Our software solution is already successfully in use at many large companies.

2. How did you come to InsurLab and why did you decide to become a member?

We became aware of InsurLab Germany through our membership in Startplatz. At that time, we were already in exchange with companies from the insurance industry and were looking for companies that manage millions of contact data and that could benefit from our product. Participation in the InsurLab Germany Accelerator helped us to better understand the market requirements through the input of many insurers and to adapt and continuously develop our product to these requirements.

What topics and content are important to you? What are your views on our 2023 focus topics Resource & Process Efficiency and Omni Channel/ Digital Sales & Embedded Insurance?

Steffen Schneider

The topics of resource and process efficiency are particularly important to us. By updating and completing contact data, we help companies save resources and make processes more efficient. Per contact data update, companies save between 10.00 - 20.00€ in process costs. In addition, Complero helps to reduce mail volumes and save CO₂ emissions. Furthermore, the topic of Omni Channel has a very high significance for us, as we see ourselves as an enabler for Omni Channel marketing and sales. This is because without the use of Complero software, usually only 20% of the end-customers have a cell phone number, an e-mail address or the necessary rights to approve advertising opt-ins. Complero makes Omni Channel possible by updating and completing customer data. Regular data updates provide customer advisors with touchpoints for consulting and sales.

4. what activities do you plan to be involved in?

We will participate in the insureNXT in Cologne again this year. Already last year we gained valuable contacts by participating in this fair. This year, we would again like to collaborate with partners from the network and work towards a new Success Story to build on the Collaboration Champion award with R+V Versicherung. Furthermore, we will actively participate in the Topic Groups and use the matchmaking service of InsurLab to find further cooperation and contract partners that we can help with our software.