First Accelerator-participant, now member - a (successful) path already taken by some Start-ups have taken in our ecosystem. So also Core AIthat helps companies make natural language processing a strength of the enterprise in a data-centric approach.

Johannes Hötter (Co-Founder & CEO of Kern AI) recently revealed to us in an interview what their motivations were for becoming members, what is important to them and how they want to get involved.


Hello Johannes! Can you briefly introduce your company to our readers again?

We'd love to. We are a Bonn/Berlin based AI start-up, and work with insurance companies on versatile use cases ranging from input management, claims management to risk underwriting and even more. We rely on a combination of state-of-the-art AI technologies (such as ChatGPT and open-source alternatives) and domain data.

How did you come to InsurLab Germany and why did you decide to become a member?

Johannes Hötter, Co-Founder & CEO of Kern AI

Johannes Hötter, Co-Founder & CEO of Kern AI

We were part of the 2022 Accelerator batch, where we got to work with two insurance companies at once. This, as well as the great support from the InsurLab team, convinced us to become part of the InsurLab membership.

What topics and content are important to you? What are your views on our 2023 focus topics Resource & Process Efficiency and Omni Channel / Digital Sales & Embedded Insurance?

With text, document and voice AI, we are naturally at the intersection of many topics. After all, communication takes place both with customers and internally. We help, for example, when knowledge treasures are hidden in documents that would be helpful for processes - but also in customer interaction.

In which of our activities do you plan to get involved?

Clearly in the technical exchange as in the Topic Group AI. We speak the language of the departments as well as the technical language. And our experience in the open source world (we provide a large part of our software via open source) shows that this exchange can be very worthwhile for all sides.

Great, thank you very much for the interview and all the best in our membership!