We are proud to announce our new collaboration between Insurlab-Germany and Signaturit. Both organizations are ready to innovate for the insurance industry and make the most of new technologies.

Signaturite is a legaltech company accredited as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), offering innovative solutions for electronic signature, certified electronic delivery and electronic identification. These technologies facilitate any process of signing or digital communication with full legal and security guarantee.

Signaturit's solutions enable insurance companies to digitize and automate the process of selling insurance policies. Intuitively and online, customers can sign new policies at any time and with any device. This new sales channel makes it possible to accelerate sales cycles and improve conversions. In addition, risks are reduced as our solutions comply with the strictest regulatory requirements. And in general, for all companies in the industry, electronic signature helps transform the entire process of signing and document management into a fully digital and effective experience. It makes it possible to reduce costs and increase employee productivity.

Founded in 2013 and with funding of over 10 million euros, Signaturit currently has 2,000 customers in 40 countries, including some of the largest companies in the insurance industry such as DAS, Axa, Admiral Group, Zurich, Aegon.

The electronic signature for insurance companies : THE insurance success story

The DAS Insurance digitized the signature process of its insurance policies with the electronic signature solution Signaturite and achieved a savings of up to 80% for each policy compared to the traditional paper-based process: check out the Video interview by Patricio Iliyef, Organization and IT Director at DAS Group on the use of electronic signatures.

In order to collect signatures from its customers, DAS Insurance had to prepare documents (paper), about 25 pages, and then mail them. The average process could take 4 to 6 days, depending on the geographical location. Patricio Iliyef, DAS Group's Director of Organization and IT, described the process as complex and inefficient. DAS Insurance was ready to simplify the contracting process and make it more flexible to improve the user experience.

From 2016, insurance policies can be sent digitally thanks to Signaturit. DAS customers will be able to receive their insurance policies automatically by e-mail or SMS and sign them securely electronically from any device. The signed policy is then automatically sent to the customer and stored in DAS's IT infrastructure.

Today, most DAS insurance policies are signed electronically, saving 80% for each insurance process and reducing the signing process from 6 days to 5 minutes. In this case, electronic signature significantly improves mobility, speed and security. It avoids errors in the signing process and reduces the use of paper and physical storage.
With Signaturit's electronic signature solution, we have managed to streamline our business processes without sacrificing the maximum legal guarantees that an insurance company requiresJordi Rivera, CEO DAS Spain