PBM Personal Business Machine AG (PBM) offers an innovative SaaS platform for secure and personalized customer dialog in the insurance and financial industry. PBM's business engine personalizes any media format from text and image to animation, audio and video. Distribution takes place across all media channels. The central business engine also orchestrates the cross-channel targeting of content for maximum customer experience and optimal conversion and response.

The PBM Personal Business Machine AG (PBM) offers an innovative SaaS platform for secure and personalized customer dialog in the insurance and finance industry. The campaign platform enables a compelling, targeted personalized customer approach. The dialog with customers is based on a fully DSGVO-compliant platform.

The platform is generally designed so that customers can be addressed flexibly and individually via all channels. The solution is able to serve all media formats and communication channels - such as print, mail, web, moving image and voice - from a single source, prepared in multimedia form and tailored to individual customer needs. For example, customers can receive information as needed in the form of a letter, mail, app, video, or via voice systems such as Alexa, as well as a chatbot message.

Since its founding year 2017, PBM has been a member of InsurLab Germany e.V. and was elected to the Accelerator Program in 2019 in the "Growth" category. During this time, a cooperation with the adesso SE which is also a member of InsurLab Germany. With the cooperation of PBM and adesso, among other things, an economical integration of the campaign platform into all leading CRM systems is possible. Most recently, the new partnership with the "Digital Rescue Program" was able to demonstrate its advantages during the Corona crisis. Among other things, the solution offered the customer the possibility to handle urgent and digital communication processes within 48 hours and DSGVO-compliant, including secure document exchange and electronic signature.

Industry experts Stefan Riedel, a member of the Executive Board at adesso since the beginning of the year, became aware of PBM's InsurTech product. He is enthusiastic about the solution: "With this form of personalized, multimedia-based preparation of the customer approach, PBM's cloud-based software platform is, in our opinion, so far unique on the international market. We are very much looking forward to integrating PBM's 'Business Engine' into adesso's value chain and letting our customers benefit from it. Of course, the PBM platform also remains a highly exciting solution as an autonomous solution for modern omni-channel communication for almost every industry in both B2B and B2C business." Here, adesso assumes the role of an orchestrator for the horizontal and vertical integration of all these facets.

More business thanks to personalization

Ralf Pispers, CEO of PBM, is pleased about adesso's commitment and describes the motivation: "Communication in the insurance industry and at banks continues to be characterized by impersonal mass communication. A lot of business is left undone."Whether reinvestment or single premium in life insurance, premium adjustment or benefit billing in health insurance, up- and cross-selling as well as claims dialog in property insurance - according to Pispers, in many areas the results prove that hyper-personalized communication pays off: "With our form of customer dialog, we are already achieving above-average response and conversion rates. Up to 50 percent of customers convert from the letter to the digital transaction. The Net Promoter Score improves massively and sales appreciates the generation of qualified leads. We are continuing the path we started with our insurance customers, especially with banks and asset management companies."

"The New Experience ": Rapid roll-out of campaigns

The spectrum of PBM products complements the broad range of services offered by the adesso Group, which focuses on consulting for individual and industry-specific IT solutions and their implementation along the value chain in business. Under the label "The New Experience" the two cooperation partners offer a joint product portfolio with immediate effect: This enables companies to operate successful customer experience management for end customers, sales organizations, employees and business partners. The PBM platform allows the rapid rollout of campaigns and, via the "persona mapping" method, sophisticated personalization for virtually every segment and every business case in the market. The Sales Cockpit module supports the management of campaigns. A tracking module enables transparency and analysis at every user level across the entire customer journey.

In addition to the sales partnership of the two companies, it was agreed that software experts from adesso will strengthen PBM's development team. This enables a fast further expansion of the joint products and services for the international market. In order to tie the strategic cooperation as closely as possible and for the long term, IT service provider adesso has also taken a ten percent stake in PBM as a shareholder.