In our new series "ExpertTalk" we want to offer you and our network a platform for a regular exchange. Senior Startup Manager and Senior Corporate Manager Stefan Schmid will take the time to introduce you to InsurLab Germany and its advantages as a digital hub and answer your questions.

Experience what InsurLab offers and generates in terms of added value for partners and members within the framework of exchange formats, workshops and topic groups. Other experts from our network will also be invited to present their company and their cooperation with InsurLab Germany, so that we can offer you a colorful bouquet of topics and know-how over time!

You are active in the insurance industry or the InsurTech scene, have just founded a startup and are now looking for opportunities to win established companies in the insurance industry as partners for you? Or you work for a traditional insurer and want to bring innovation to your company? Maybe you want to work with a startup and are wondering how? Then our network can also offer you great added value. Our experts from InsurLab Germany will be happy to help you with words and deeds.

Feel free to send us your questions to the following e-mail address and we will address them in our ExpertTalks. Your answers will be published every Wednesday on our LinkedIn Profile answered.

So stop by, join the discussion and get inspired.

We look forward to your exciting questions!