This month, Michael Lindemann, CEO of Cresult, tells us in an interview what's behind his startup, what life on the InsurLab Campus is like for him, and what the new product savme is all about.

What is behind the company cresult?
Michael: The cresult is a start-up from the Cologne-based InsurLab. As an innovation driver and software provider, we stand for sales applications in the financial services sector. With our software platform "InsureBase", we have a platform for the sale of financial services that is independent of divisions and products. We offer all sales channels optimum process support and full legal compliance in the presentation and documentation of sales and advisory processes. The technology can be used by our customers to test new product ideas, modernize established products or, for example, for broker and valve solutions.

What do you offer your target group?
Michael: A ready-made and proven infrastructure for mapping innovative sales processes, with inventory system if desired. Promptly available, combinable with your own infrastructure, at an affordable price. In addition, of course, state-of-the-art Java technology and the comprehensive industry expertise of our experts.

What do you expect from 2020?
Michael: We would like to further expand our systems in the direction of project economics. We are therefore currently expanding our InsurBase system to include the ability to implement many sales products as application variants. This saves our customers money and significantly reduces the set-up times for new product launches. In addition, we are expanding our HR services in order to be able to offer our customers options for taking over a complete sales/aftersales service.

Since October there is a new product on the market, in cooperation with Savme. Can you briefly describe what it's all about?
Michael: is a new platform for pension products that we have developed in cooperation with our partner, Protect AG. As part of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, Protect AG is a specialist provider of financial security. The first product is an independent income insurance in case of unemployment or incapacity for work, the GehaltsSchutz. With this product, our customers secure current income up to the full net income, even if only a limited income in the amount of the ALG I entitlement is available due to unemployment.

Who is your target group?
MichaelSalary protection is aimed at people and families who, due to a special situation, are dependent on their full net income in order to avoid payment difficulties. This includes customers with ongoing real estate financing as well as families while raising children or caring for relatives. At savme you can easily calculate your individual loss of salary, in case you receive unemployment benefits. You often find that you develop an interest in our product yourself.

How did this collaboration come about?
Michael: We already have a trusting working relationship with Provinzial Versicherung. Discussions and a mutual exchange of ideas have resulted in this project idea.

How do you place yourselves on the market?
Michael: We rely on modern e-marketing via Facebook, Google PPC/re-marketing, content marketing and on our affiliate partners. In addition, we work directly with industries at the PoS, such as the real estate industry and financial brokers. Protect AG also uses the platform for sales to its customers.

Is there already a case example that can be included? Is that possible at all?
Michael: Of course, this is possible, because collaborative sales is our mission and core task. For example, you can find the salary protection in the next few days on the cashback platform shoop.

How did you come to the InsurLab Campus?
Michael: On the one hand, we are very close to the InsurLab board. Dr. Bühring-Uhle and I have already worked together on digitalization topics at Karstadt-Quelle Financial Services. On the other hand, we were immediately won over by the concept, the people and community, and also the location of InsurLab.

What makes the campus "special" to you that you could "recommend" to others?
Michael: You find an incredible variety of young startups with innovative ideas and at the same time receive valuable support and industry contacts. This is simply a special enrichment of our working environment in the top industry community of InsurLab.

What added value can you get from "campus life"?
Michael: As stated above, it's the mix of partnership, contacts, advice, location, or sometimes just a cup of coffee with campus colleagues.